Hi there! 

My name is Jessie Marie. Nice to meet you! 

I’ve been in your shoes. Burnt out on life. Feeling like a failure. Using substances, sex, and other mind-numbing activities to cope with the constant depression and anxiety. 

One day, I’d had enough. The depression was bad enough that I checked myself into a partial day hospitalization program and sought psychiatric help. When I graduated from that program, I had a binder full of resources and tools – actionable steps I could take to get better. During that time, I also began my spiritual journey. That’s taken me on a beautiful lengthy, winding path of self-growth and evolution. Through all of this, my life’s purpose of helping people has never left my mind. I’m finally to a point where I believe, more than anything, that my experiences, gifts, and knowledge need to be shared with the world.  

Thus, Learning Eunoia was born! Eunoia is a Greek word, literally meaning, “a well mind.” My personal journey has been an evolution of my own “eunoia.” With my unique combination of experiences, I’ve developed my own spiritual healing gifts, as well as a holistic framework for helping you improve your experience in life. My work is not a replacement for allopathic or naturopathic medical attention, but can augment it if you’re otherwise stable. As I said, I firmly believe that my life’s purpose is to bring healing and joy to the world, and I’d love to do that for you. 

I currently have several offerings in my shop, and am developing two classes. If you’d like to work with me, you can fill out my questionnaire, here. If you’d like to receive updates to my offering and blog posts, leave your email below and follow me on Facebook! 

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