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Today, I’m a successful person. I have a great life, an amazing husband, a perfect daughter, and I get to work from home to spend time with all of them.
I’m happy, healthy and satisfied. It wasn’t always that way, though. 

A few years, I was not doing well. I felt like a failure in life. I was dealing with crippling depression and anxiety. I had failed out of my first year of college (with nearly a full ride academic scholarship!). I craved a relationship, but kept falling for the wrong people. I got into countless dangerous situations and met some scary people. I used drugs, alcohol, and sex to numb my problems. 

I was burning out, and bad. 

Through a good portion of this, I was in individual psychotherapy. It helped me a lot, but there was only so much work I could do in 1 hour per week. At one point, I even went in for two sets of 2 weeks partial-day inpatient at the psychiatric hospital for suicidal ideation among other things. 

That hospital stay marked the beginning of the turnaround for me. I got the medication I needed to be stable enough to work through the deeper issues plaguing my psyche, and the tools to do so. Issues like lacking self-love and confidence, a whopping fear of abandonment, and just not knowing who I was or who I wanted to be. 

When I was there, one thing I remember identifying for the first time was my desire to help people. It had always been present, in one form or another. When I was 6 or so, I wanted to be a research scientist – to help people learn new things. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a nurse – to help people’s bodies heal. Now, I’m able to fulfill that desire. 

When I graduated from the program, I had a binder full of resources and tools – actionable steps I could take to get better. I also got a referral for dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). I’ve also done a ton of research. I read any books on psychology and self-help I could get my hands on. A lot of what’s out there is, to be frank, bullshit. There are so many books, even those on the bestsellers lists, that are 100-200 pages of absolutely nothing actionable. Just feel-good things that give you a bit of a high to read, and then you are back to your normal depression. There are a few gems out there though. 
Around this time, I began spiritual explorations. What a long journey that’s been! Long story short, I grew up Catholic, but never really believed in it. I explored other forms of Christianity, then found Buddhism. Over time, I drifted into the general “New Age” circles. More of that feel-good high I found in pop psychology, nothing actionable. Lots of weird shit though. Finally, I’ve found my faith and works in eclectic witchcraft. 

I started my practice unintentionally about a year and a half ago. I didn’t 100% know what I was doing, at the time, but now I recognize it as a type of energy work. I also started studying reiki, and now have my Usui Reiki Master attunement. That was the beginning of learning spiritual healing practices. I’m also in the process of the Bardic grade of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and am a Priestess of the Moon. Other than those formal programs, I am self-educating in herbalism, astrology and general magical practices, as well as continuing educating myself in psychology and other healing modalities with varying levels of formality (certain certifications available upon request). 
Thus, Learning Eunoia was born! Eunoia is a Greek word, literally meaning, “a well mind.” My personal journey has been an evolution of my own “eunoia.” With this unique combination of experiences, I’ve developed my own spiritual healing gifts, as well as a holistic framework for helping you improve your experience in life. My work is not a replacement for allopathic or naturopathic medical attention, but can augment it. I firmly believe that my life’s purpose is to bring healing and joy to the world, and I’d love to do that for you. 

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