My Style of Otherworldly Workings

Since internally declaring myself a witch, and joining the online community a year ago, I’ve been trying to define what exactly it is I do. Since I’m new to practicing, I still consider myself a “baby witch.” I have a deep connection with nature, and consider myself a druid (in training through OBOD, so technically a bard, but on that path). I also resonate strongly with the philosophy of chaos magic. Unfortunately, I seem to be about a decade too late to experience the active chaos community, but there is still some great information from that movement. I want to be aware of the issues of race and other aspects of closed religions/practices, so I haven’t pursued those styles in my own workings. Otherwise, and obviously, I draw from many styles.

One thing that has come up to me a lot over this time, is “light” and “dark” magic. At the very basics, my opinion is that there is a place for light and dark, for workings with positive and negative results. I think that it is important to learn how they both work, and use those aspects or not. I’ve studied the basics of Goetia (summoning demons a la Solomon and The Bartimaeus Trilogy), and find it very interesting, but that’s not my cup of tea. I don’t do things to intentionally cause harm to others. In the one time I *really really really* wanted to, I chose to do a protection on the person who was being harmed by my target instead. I don’t necessarily believe in the rule of threefold returns, but I didn’t want to invite that sort of energy or karma into my life. I guess my personal perspective on the subject is the same as in general life – do no harm, but take no shit. That pretty much sums it up.

Overall, I’m a healer. But the thing about healing is that you also need to know how and why and when to use the poison.

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