Those Energies Right Now…

As long as I can remember, if I ever thought about it, the air felt like it was about to storm. Not like the actual air we breathe, but just the energy of it, if you know what I mean. Shadow Moon in American Gods said it well…

Something feels weird…The air feels constipated, like if it would just push out a storm, it would be ok.

American gods, S1E1

About a year ago, that changed. Now, it feels more like that part where the storm is here, and it just started raining. The wind is starting to pick up and blow a little bit.

The world is going crazy. More than that though, people are going crazy. Good and bad. Alongside the storm imagery, I see a pendulum. We swing back and forth, faster and faster and faster, until suddenly, we will stop. I’m not sure where this will end. It’s a fractal, where these changes are occuring on a universal scale, a global scale, and a community scale and a personal scale.

I see the church burnings this week as a part of this. I checked out the astrology of it, and it’s really intense. The shackles of religion are being thrown off worldwide, while the racism and discrimination in America is reaching a boiling point.

Every card reading I do for myself and for others shows that we’re about to be out of a difficult time, and that great things are coming. (Check out the recurring cards in my #DailyDivination posts to see!) I can’t wait to see where that will bring me, my family, my community, my country, and the world!

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