Journeying For Animals

As an apprentice shaman, I’m excited to get my feet wet in journeying. Since I met my guides, I’ve been having what I call “Meet & Greets” about once weekly, where I go to them with any questions I have, and just to generally get comfortable with them and the process. It’s gone very well so far.

A few weeks ago, Hanan and I spoke about my readiness to work with others. We decided I was close, and that in the next few sessions we would start that. The next class, I journeyed for my daughter, and have since journeyed for my husband on my own.

During the next Meet & Greet, I asked my own guides how they felt about that. They deferred to Hanan and his guides on the subject of my readiness to journey for others. But as I took a survey of my personal energy field, I had the thought of “I wonder if I could journey for Maxi?” Maxi is my cat, by the way.

As soon as that thought crossed my mind, it happened. The dragon (who I have come to understand is my transportation to other fields) was directly under me, and my guides and I were zoomed out of my field and into hers.

When we landed, we were by a small pond in a clearing of a forest. The pond went directly ahead and into a waterfall. Maxi was there waiting for us, sipping from her pond, in the form of herself as a kitten! And she wasn’t the only small thing there… Everything was tiny! The trees of this fully grown forest were maybe waist height to me. I was a giant to her! (I’ve often wondered about animal’s perception of our size compared to them, I guess I know now!). As I picked her up to cuddle with her, my body shrank to fit the size of the rest of the scene. My guides and I did some healing work that needed to be done, and we came back to my field, and then out of trance.

In the few journeys I’ve been on, it seems that bodies of water like that tend to be a symbol of life force, or energy. When they flow freely, energy is abundant and healthy. When they are stagnant, so is that person’s energy in one way or another. Forests seem to be related to different parts of the mind/consciousness. There also seems to be some sort of association to parts of the body, but I don’t yet have enough experience to gauge that effectively.

It was very interesting how it all came through as clearly as it has for any human journey! I also found the size difference of the whole space interesting. My daughter’s is also slightly smaller than life, but not quite so strikingly different (their fields are actually very similar in composition).

I really loved the innocence combined with the wildness of her forest. That is something that I also captured in my daughter’s, but the innocence has been gone in mine and my husband’s, unfortunately, and the wildness was relegated to one particular part of my own forest.

I would love to answer any questions or comments you have!

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