Kitten Reiki & Winnowing Session

Kitten Reiki & Winnowing Session

So, I’ve had a cat for about 8 months. We got her when she was young, and she’s around a year old now. While we play with her a lot, she doesn’t get the amount of play that I think she’d like, as she tries to play with us (specifically Dani), using her claws, and that ends in tears. I’ve been thinking for a few weeks that it might be a good idea to get another cat so they can play together as cats do.

Two days ago, I found the perfect one. Dani had actually created a digital character that looks just like her, and fell in love as soon as she saw the picture. Casey ok’d it, so we picked her up. She’s 5 months old, and was a stray before she was found by the river. We named her Phoenix. Partly because she’s an orange tabby (fiery!), and partly because we hope to help her heal and rise from the pain and neglect she experienced early on. She’s so loving and playful already!

In order to help Maxi and her acclimate properly to each other, I decided to try winnowing for them, to see if there was anything I could do, or just healing their issues in general. When I asked my guides, they showed me to do an astral reiki session on Maxi, and we could journey for Phoenix. My experience follows:

I asked my guides, “Can we journey for the cats? Mostly Phoenix so I can get to know her better, but also Maxi so I can help her acclimate.”
“You should have asked [Maxi] before getting a new cat, if she actually wanted one,” they reply.
“I thought she was bored and could use a friend?”
“You were right, but she isn’t ready yet.”
“Can I still journey for her?”
“Not today, just Phoenix. Give Maxi reiki, and learn to communicate [with her] as you do with your plants.”
“Ok. I will. Let’s go then.”
“Reiki for Maxi first.”

We go to the Reiki area of the temple in my energy field, and lay Maxi on the table as I perform a reiki session on her. As I do an initial scan, I find a blockage in her throat, and her lower belly area. I try to untie them (they seem like knots), but it doesn’t work, so I just blast with Reiki. The first blockage slowly moves down her body, joining with the second. I try again to untie the now single one, but am still unable. I push more energy in through the top of her head, which pushes the blockage the rest of the way down her spine, and out the tip of her tail, where it dissipates into the air around us. She seems calm now, in the vision.  In real life, she is asleep in her hammock near me.

Now it’s time to journey for Phoenix.  The guides and I walk to the room she’s in, and zip into her energy field.

I gent an image of my daughter, and there is kind of an announcement, “Daniela is here.” I think she’s astrally projected to Phoenix, since she’s asleep in the physical world, and loves Phoenix a lot.

We are brought to the local river. She is half in it, muddy and crying weakly. Queen of Light picks her up, and holds her. She wipes her off, and cleans her, and makes her healthy. Meanwhile, Sovereign Joy is dropping his gemstones into the river to clean it. Somewhere upstream there is a source of pollution – every time a part is cleaned, we see a small cloud of dirt coming back in. We go up toward the source, and the city is dumping “stuff” into the river. It doesn’t seem just like sewage, it seems like there is a lot of substances inside this pollution, but I’m not sure what. This is why she was so sick at the beginning of the journey. Altruis pushes the entire city out of the field, so all that is left is the river and a field around it, now sparkling clean and clear. Queen of Light sets her down next to it, and Phoenix drinks from her river. She grows to the age she is now, and is fully healthy, then continues growing to an adult size. She goes to chase the mice and birds that live around the banks. She comes up and cuddles each of us, winding between our legs, and we’re done. We go back to my field, and I bathe in my own river to remove any energetic interference.

The above was an excerpt from one of my regular journeys with my guides to my own energy field to learn what I need to do in life, business, and spirituality. I call them Meet & Greets, since the first one was exactly that – a time to meet and get to know my guides a little better.

If you order a winnowing session with me, you have the ability to purchase a copy of the narrative of your session, if you would like to. It will generally go something like this. However, usually for humans, they are much longer, and tend to be more fantasty-story like.



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