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The temple ruins of Paestum, Italy, an example of Ancient Greek architecture

I’m so excited!

So, some back story… If you’ve followed my journey, you’ve seen that I identify as a Druid in my spiritual beliefs. However, in my journeys, I have been visited by the Goddess Persephone and Her mother, Demeter. When I first experienced this, I worried that Druidry and Hellenic deities were not going to work together and I was eventually going to have to choose one or the other. This came from the understanding of Druidry as primarily Celtic in origin. While I do have some English and Scottish ancestors, most of my family has origins on the mainland (and have been in the USA since the 1700s at least), and I never felt close to those deities, always preferring Greek and Norse myths, even before I became a pagan.

Enter ADF. ADF stands for Ár nDraíocht Féin, which translates from Irish to “Our Own Druidism. It is a reconstructionish, pan-European, neopagan Druid organization. It was created in the 80s by Isaac Bonewits, author and priest of the Reformed Druids of North America. The idea was to create a mostly-historically accurate Druidic religion based on sound scholarship, inclusive of all IndoEuropean language and culture, while adapting it to fit the modern age, and allowing for personal freedom in implementation.

You might not know it from my online presence, but if you’ve spent much time with me in real life, you’ll know that I LOVE research. I have a huge love of knowledge, and have for as long as I can remember. I’m always ready with a (usually useless) fact for whatever conversation may come up. So the process of doing research and building my own practice based on whatever historical sources I can find as well as my own personal experiences with deities and spirits, is hugely appealing, not daunting like some may find it. I’ll be documenting my assignments here on this blog as I complete them.

Unfortunately, living where I do in Texas, I’ve found there are no local Groves to meet with (If you’re local and would be interested in creating one together, please let me know!). I could probably travel to Dallas or Austin for the big celebrations, but that seems like a huge trip right now. So, for now, I’ll be practicing as a solitary still. I’ve been told that this may give me more time to actually work through the course work. 😉

At this time, I do intend to pursue the clergy path, as that feels in line with my other work (specifically in spiritual counseling, and I see myself performing rites of passage eventually). That may change as I grow in self-knowledge and my practice though. We’ll see!

What this means for this site – I might actually come up with a writing schedule! Granted, it will probably mostly be posts about the different things related to my scholarship in ADF, but that will likely tie in with other subjects as well, and, if you like my writing, will make for a fun way to learn!

Thanks for the read!

For more information about ADF, click here to go to their website.



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