Frequently Asked Questions about LE / My Work

This post will always be a work in progress, but I’ve begun it with some commonly asked questions and clarifications of my work as a healer and in general.

  1. What is “Eunoia”?
    • Eunoia is a Greek word, εὔνοια, that has a couple of different meanings depending on context. Within the context of Learning Eunoia, it refers to “a well mind.” This has been one of my favorite words for several years now, and reflects my goals to come to full mental, spiritual, and physical health as well as to help others attain the same.
  2. What is a Shaman of the Way? Isn’t the word “Shaman” appropriative of Siberian/Indigenous Cultures?
    • My title, Shaman of the Way, denotes my completion of the shamanic apprenticeship through EISEN. The work as a Shaman of the Way is a form of trance based energy work, done over distance, in which I journey to my client’s energy field with my spirit guides, where we work together to heal the person.
    • The lineage is a reconstruction of ancient Essene traditions, received through direct transmission from Hanan’s guides. It is a very effective energetic form of healing. It does not include any plant medicine or other hallucinogenics, nor is it a form of “core shamanism,” nor does it make any claims to be related to Indigenous American traditions.
    • I’ve chosen to integrate this work with my other spiritual & healing traditions (Reiki and Druidry), and tend to use related phrasing (specifically “Winnowing” for the journeywork itself), when referring to my personal work and “shamanism” and related words for the work in general, so people know what I’m actually talking about.
  3. What is Reiki?
    • Reiki is another form of energy healing, begun in the early 1900s in Japan by Mikao Usui. Once attuned, you can tap into the Reiki energy and use it for many different things, including healing.
  4. Who are you?! What are your qualifications?
    • My name is Jessie Marie. I’m an intuitive & spiritual healer and coach, and on a more personal note, a wife and a mother. I live in San Angelo, Texas, USA, but most of my work is done by distance – either energetically or over video/phone call.
    • I’m a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, a Shaman of the Way, a certified Life Coach, and study other psychology, spiritual, and magical things to help myself and others find our Eunoia.
    • More importantly than what I know on paper, though, I have done the work myself. I started out with no knowledge, no faith, serious depression, and nearly a drug addiction, and have turned all that completely around with the tools I’m sharing with you now!
    • I also create all my own designs and websites!


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