So, what does energy work actually *do*?

If you’re reading this in 2019, you’ve probably heard of “The Secret.” The Secret can basically be summarized as: Ask for what you want, Believe you’ll get it, and you WILL get it.

That’s a great start, but it’s not the full picture of how manifesting works. There are a few issues with this idea, and at the end of the day, The Secret ends up being a feel-good, basic idea of the Law of Attraction/Manifestation, but without enough substance to really act on it.

What The Secret ignores, energy work can help with.

What The Secret ignores, energy work can help with.

Where does energy work…work?

There are four basic layers of existence that we experience at any given time, whether we are aware of it or not.

  1. Physical
  2. Conscious
  3. Subconscious
  4. Energetic

The physical layer is everything that is measurable – we can experience it with our five main senses or technology to augment those senses. (There is a table in your line of sight)

The conscious layer is our active perceptions about physical things and experiences as they happen. (“That table has a blue tablecloth”)

The subconscious is our passive perceptions and deeply stored experiences. Things like our intuition, emotions and feelings, habits, memories etc. (“That tablecloth is the same color as my first car that I wrecked when I was 16, and seeing it brings back the feelings of fear and helplessness from that experience.”)

The energetic layer is our aura, energy flow, and connection to the Divine and to others. (That car wreck effected me so strongly that it left an energetic imprint on me so I get a pain in my neck and a feeling of fear and helplessness every time I am reminded of it, even if I don’t even recognize that I’m being reminded of it).

While these are all constantly interacting with each other, they are still distinct, and have a sort of trickle down effect from the energetic to the physical. And this is where The Secret gets it wrong.

The Secret assumes that if you work from the conscious layer, you’ll experience in the physical layer. Which is true to an extent, but only if your subconscious and energetic layers are also already aligned. And if that were true, you would already be able to instantly (or nearly) manifest.

How to get your deeper layers of existence into line

There are two valuable modalities to work with the two deeper layers of existence. To work with the subconscious, you can use normal, mainstream psychology. That’s the whole point of the field! Personally, I’ve gotten certified in coaching and NLP, as well as studying many other aspects on my own, if you’re interested in help here. However, it’s also completely possible to do this on your own. You can learn NLP by yourself, you can practice DBT skills by yourself. You can journal by yourself. But what matters is getting those deeper level emotional triggers identified, acknowledging them, and feeling through them.

The second modality is energy work, and this also encompasses an entire field of study. I have trained in Reiki and Winnowing (shamanic healing) to help others with that, but there’s also EFT (Tapping), The Emotion Code, The Script, and many others – those are just the ones I use on my own regularly!

Once you get your energy systems in line with where you’re wanting to be, the rest follows a lot more easily, though it will still take some work on your part to integrate the energies into your life.

But that can be very difficult – you might know the healing that happened during your session, but how is that going to manifest into your emotions? What about your physical life? Are you going to be faced with the decision to end that toxic friendship, or slip back into the same old patterns you’ve been dealing with since you were 10 years old? Do you have the strength and support to do what needs to be done for your highest good, and your deepest healing? I know I needed help along the way of my healing journey, and I’m so grateful that I was able to get it.

That’s why I’m developing a post-energy work integration program right now! For the first 10 people to sign up during this special development phase, I have a special offer… You will get:

  • A winnowing session (usually $333),
  • 8 weekly coaching/integration calls with me, with an option to add more on if you feel the need (usually $600+)

In addition, you’ll get the following free gifts:

  • Personalized integration plans at every step of the way (usually $222)
  • A private community, just for members of this cohort, both on and off Facebook, with monthly video chats (usually $50), and
  • I will be making myself available to you as needed through messaging and email! (usually $600)

After October 1 or when 10 people sign up, this offer will no longer be available at the deep discount I’ll be giving you. After this initial development phase, I’ll be charging $1800 or more for the program, depending on what the final version becomes.

If you sign up now, you can get it for less than half of that final price, or even what it would cost to purchase each of these things separately. If you are interested, don’t miss your opportunity to get this amazing healing program for just $777!

Again, this offer will not be on the table again after this month or the first 10 people, whichever happens first (and I expect this to sell out quickly!). I want to keep this a small group, so I can give you the best experience possible.

If you’re interested, click below to book a FREE consultation call, where we will discuss your healing possibilities!



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