As the snow melts, I bloom
Alone crocus flower in snow on spring meadow closeup

As the snow melts, I bloom

Crocus flower blooming in the snow

I’ve written about the death/rebirth cycle before. (Check out my article on shamanic journeying and this process over at Our Soul Oasis, if you haven’t already!). Right now, I definitely feel like I’m going through another one, and coming out on the other side of the rebirth.

I’ve been in a “winter” phase for a while now, and it’s starting to feel like my snows are thawing, and it’s a time of new creation. I’ve been hunkered down, hiding in my home from the world, while I rebuild my mind, body, and soul for the last 5ish years. Now, I feel a push to be back out into the world, sharing my gifts and talents. Maybe this is my initiation into the “mother” phase of the threefold life of a woman. I’m definitely experiencing that both literally and metaphorically, as I experiment with creativity in fiber arts (emulating my own mother), candle-making and building a business – all while raising my daughter!

It seems so appropriate that I’ve been cultivating relationships with Persephone and Demeter, in this time of new growth in myself! As well as finding my joy in energy work for myself and others, specifically finding out how land-healing will work for me with my unique lineage and practice! I’m so excited to watch myself bloom over the next few years!

Thank you for being here with me on this journey of learning and finding my eunoia!

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