Daily Divination 4/15/19

(I will go back and edit this properly tomorrow… I’m on my phone tonight. Also, I apologize for failing to update and missing the Daily Divination yesterday!)

I used the Forty Servants Deck, and drew three cards.

  • The Levitator
  • The Mother
  • The Conductor

I love how I keep getting The Mother & The Conductor.

The Levitator tells me I need to look at things from a new angle, to rise above and look at the bigger picture (or to “rise above” and be the better person, but I don’t know how that would play out tomorrow)

The Mother I feel like is still pointing me toward my goals, reminding me that I will be proud when I reach them, I just need to continue my path and have faith the universe will provide.

The Conductor goes along with that, reminding me to take control instead of my past habit of just going with the flow. That was something I needed back then, but I don’t think the mindset serves me any longer.

I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!

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