Daily Divination – April 12, 2019

“What Do I Need To Know About Tomorrow” Spread

Today I used the Forty Servants Deck. I really like using them for divination purposes, as they tend to be extremely blunt and straightforward. I shuffled a few times, and drew the first few cards until it felt done.

  • The Carnal
  • The Guru
  • The Conductor
  • The Mother
  • The Moon
  • This tells me that tomorrow, I will experience sexual desire, and feel good about myself. I also feel like The Carnal could maybe refer to general appetites in this context, maybe?
  • I will also find a new spiritual teacher, or begin a new path. I feel like this may refer to a book or educational thing I will decide to do tomorrow, just because of my interests, but I won’t say no to an in person teacher either!
  • I will have the energy and desire to take control of my life and live on my own terms instead of anyone else’s.
  • If I do that, I will be able to realize my goals and desires, and I will feel comfortable in the process.
  • I will feel hope, and be able to understand some of my darker side better.

This tends to go with what other recent divinations have told me on general life things, and how I’ve been feeling for the last week or so on an emotional and spiritual level.

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