Daily Divination – April 13, 2019

Yesterday’s Daily Divination Updates:

Let’s start from the beginning of yesterday’s Daily Divination reading

  • I didn’t experience much specific sexual desire, but I did feel great about myself throughout the day. Thanks to a couple of friends reassuring me and making me feel great about myself. <3
  • I did get an offer from one of those friends to help me out with something that’s been bothering me, but more than that, I realized that *I* am a teacher to others!
  • I don’t feel like I did anything specific towards my goals, but again, I was very reassured about my current path.
  • I spent most of my day with my daughter, so this may have been more literal than figurative here.
  • I’m very excited about the experiences I had today, and where they are pointing me!

Today’s “What Do I Need To Know About Tomorrow” Spread

Today, I felt drawn to my Druid Animal Oracle deck. I haven’t used them much, and I need to practice with it. I really love the art, but generally feel like they tend to prefer to be used during workings specifically, as opposed to for general reference like this. Very different energy from the Forty Servants!

I drew three cards:

  • Otter
  • Horse
  • Wren

Maxi came to visit during my interpretation! She always loves to come around when I’m playing with energy <3

  • The Otter, Dòbhran, represents Joy, Play, and Helpfulness. The description really reminds me of my daughter in some ways. It also is about spending time with family, and self-care. I feel like this is saying that tomorrow should be a day of relaxation, spending time with family, and having fun!
  • The Horse, Each, represents The Goddess, The Land, and Travel. I feel like this is reiterating the self-care aspect of things, and feels like she’s taking me outside to garden, as well as inside in journaling/introspection maybe?
  • The Wren, Drui-en, represents Humility, Cunning, and God. This feels like another reiteration of the gardening maybe, or just spending time in nature, where I find the Divine to be most readily accessible.

I feel very strongly that tomorrow will be a day dedicated to family, grounding, and enjoying myself. Overall there was a ton of Earth element representation, mixed with familial bonds, the divine and internal messages.

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