The Fool

The Fool from the Smith Waite tarot deck


The sun shines brightly in a yellow sky, as a young man walks towards the edge of a rocky cliff. The cliff goes into the blue sea, and there are large waves present below and beside. A small white dog accompanies him. The young man wears yellow shoes, with yellow hose, a floral coat with matching hat, and a white, long sleeve shirt. The coat is black with yellow roses and foliage all over it, and is cinched at the waist with a belt. It has a red inside, and is well worn. He carries a stick and a bag in his right hand, and a white rose in his left.


Literally – jumping off the edge of a cliff – walking into the unknown,
The fool = ignorance of what’s to come, but not in a bad way, in the way of being able to experience something new and exciting.
It seems like he is a nobleman off on an adventure, but not someone who does a lot of adventuring.
Yellow feels very cheery and exciting for what’s to come.
Something bad could happen, but something amazing could too. You don’t know until you go “jump off the cliff”

Traditional Meanings (from Holistic Tarot)

New beginnings of unbound potential, with a deeper spiritual meaning. Purity in spirit; open-heartedness of a child; innocence and naiveté. Beautiful, creative soul; foolish belief in the accomplishment of impossibly beautiful goals. Eternal youth. Could also mean that a choice is offered, one of great significance. Choice before the Seeker seems minor, but it is a choice that could affect a lifetime, so tread with caution (otherwise might fall off the edge of a cliff).


  • Element: Air
  • Planet: Uranus
  • Yang/Masculine

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