The Magician


A man in a white robe with a red jacket stands in front of a table/altar. In his right hand, he holds a wand(?) up towards the sky, and with his left hand, he points to the ground. He has a white headband, and over his head is the infinity symbol. On the table sits a chalice, a pentacle, a sword, and a staff. In the foreground, there are roses, lilies, and foliage. The background is yellow. The table has engravings on it.


“As above, so below” with the person as the conduit of energy/magic.
The magical tools on the table are also the tarot suits.
This tells me in general that using tarot as a tool of magic can help tap into the infinite source of magical energy/creation, and bridge the creative power of the divine with earth.
It’s also important to remember to have balance when using this power.
In a reading, it means to me that the person has the power to do whatever they want, as long as they remember their abilities, and keep a balanced perspective and experience.

Traditional Meanings (from Holistic Tarot)

Use of power, often creative power, for constructive purposes. Powerful, positive omen. Card appears in spreads for those who are strong in spirituality and character. Individuality. Contrast: Key 0, Fool could potentially be constructive or destructive. Key 1, Magician is constructive and destructive, constructive when upright, destructive when in reverse. Worldly; knowledgeable; self-aware. Self-mastery.


Planet: Mercury
Sign: Aries
Color: Blue
Element: Air

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